Welcome to Today’s Tiaras!

Written By: admin - Mar• 01•11

TODAY’S TIARAS is a contemporary, live-action, real-life look at five would-be “princesses” loosely inspired by the classics: CINDERELLA, SNOW WHITE, PRINCESS AND THE FROG, SLEEPING BEAUTY, and THE LITTLE MERMAID.

Our story is set in the world of everyday modern life, at home and at school, these girls are mid-stride on the road to their own “Happily Ever After.”   These girls are not waiting for magic, they make their own magic. Our lead character Cyndi is the youngest of the Tiaras, having the I.Q. and the intellect to have skipped 2 grades. Cyndi is just beginning to write in the Storybook of her Life.

The series follows the lives of the five friends who attend Newcastle Academy, an all American middle school and high school combined, just as they welcome Cyndi into their secret club: TIARAS; The Independent Association of Really Awesome Sisterhood. Cyndi, Bianca, Tillie, Rosy and Riley, ages from 12 to 16 are all about fun and friendship and helping people, finding ways to make a difference in the world. The TIARAS will find themselves in clashes of good vs. evil through their weekly missions, and will be tested to know the difference between the two.  The girls will have their hearts broken and then mended, will face rejection, mean girls at school, deal with social networking situations, rise to every challenge and face every issue, crisis and joy of being a daughter, sister and friend in current day.